Cabro SPA will be present to the Beach Tennis World Championships 2014 in Cervia, with the launch preview of the new line of anti-counterfeiting fluorescent products with the brand “SAFE 79”.

The Tuscan company leader in the field of precious metals realized, in collaboration with CNR - National Research Council of Portici (Naples), an innovative system of traceability and anti-counterfeiting at a high level of security.

The product is a thermochromic ultraviolet ink with unique and inimitable characteristics that can be applied on any kind of surface (plastic, glass, yarn, leather, etc…).

The strong points of SAFE 79 products that distinguish them from the common fluorophores in the market are the following:

1) Are based on gold nanoparticles

2) They have a characteristic spectrum of emission

3) Contain a colour code, a sequence of colours visible only through a UV lamp and completely invisible to the naked eye and imperceptible to the touch.

CABRO SPA guarantees a high degree of security, safety and personalization thanks to the possibility of modulating the frequency of emission of light using a colour code unique and controlled that as a security key uniquely identifies the product.

CABRO SPA can provide many kinds of inks all having different colours combinations that give each a unique code visible and identifiable through the portable instrument provided by Cabro together with the App for smartphone that makes the analysis on the authenticity of the final product easy and fast.

During the event at the stand of VISION ITALIA SRL, a world leader company in the field of equipment for the Beach Tennis, will be introduced the joint venture between the two companies. In fact they decided to test the application of this revolutionary new technology in the new kind of products that will be realized and marketed in the next coming seasons by VISION ITALIA SRL.

A technician from CABRO SPA will explain and show the technology of anti-counterfeiting system SAFE 79 on the beach tennis racket, in a stand at the flagship event of the ITF Beach Tennis Tour next Saturday and Sunday

In particular, at the stand will be showed the first prototypes of Beach Tennis rackets and textile samples treated with this new technology.