Cabro group will be present at Glasstec 2014, the international trade fair for the Glass Industry taking place from 21st to 24th October in Düsseldorf.

In the Cabro pavillion you can find all the companies of the group, each with their own specialties: Cabro SpA with Chemical Salts line, fine chemicals precious metals based products that include a wide range of products for electroplating, catalysis, pharmaceutical industry, glass and glasses industries, highly appreciated for its standard of purity required in professional uses that requires high-quality, sophisticated technology and security! And the Liquid Gold line with a portfolio of products based on gold, silver, platinum and lusters in liquid, paste and thermoplastic, for screen printing and brush decoration for glass and porcelain.

In addition to these products the line Colours and decorative products of Rüger & Günzel GmbH which includes over 3.000 shade of high quality colours for flat glass, hollow glass and pharmaceutical glass, table-ware, ceramic, porcelain, bone chine, tiles and sanitary-ware, products with cooking temperatures from 500 to 1000 degrees for application by brush, direct screen printing, overglaze colours, medium and thinners.

A great heritage that enriches the already wide range of Cabro Liquid Gold decorative products.

Nanesa Srl, the newborn company with a full range of silver based pastes, conductive inks and flakes for screen printing on glass in automotive industry or application such as thinck film and thick film polymer, RFID, spray paints for RF and EMI screen, conductive adhesives and others.

Among the innovations that will be presented in preview at an international event Cabro nanomaterials precious metals based and Graphene products made by Nanesa.

Between nanomaterials the anticounterfeiting fluorescents, a system of products made of nanostructured gold perfectly invisible and transparent to sunlight which only in particular conditions of excitation by UV lamps at specific wavelengths, can produce colors and frequencies unique and difficult to imitate. The characteristic of fluorescence of our products can be simply verified by a portable instrument provided by Cabro. CABRO SPA guarantees a high degree of security, safety and personalization thanks to the possibility of modulating the frequency of emission of light using a colour code unique and controlled that as a security key uniquely identifies the product.

These fluorophores, which are used as pigments to add to matrices of different nature (polymers, paints, inks, pastes, etc…), can be used for a wide range of applications from the fashion industry (textile, yarn, leather, only to make few a examples) to the biomedical; from pharmaceutical industry to cosmetics, optics, decorative art design; from quality control to anticounterfeiting or traceability of products in supply chains. Our idea can help to fight counterfeiting and imitation of Made in Italy “Brands”.

The Graphene, the so-called “wonder material”, consisting of a monoatomic layer of carbon atoms placed on a honeycomb structure, discovered just a decade ago and destined to change the fields of pysics, electronics, mechanics, optics (only to make a few examples of areas of application) is produced by Nanesa in different types for different kind of applications.

The scalable production system, that can produce currently up to a few tons per year of nanometric material, has been designed for an intermediate stage of testing of nanometric materials in various application sectors, in order to achieve products tailored to industrial partners demands.

Together with the final customer we study the most suitable nanoparticles and their characteristics related to the production technologies and the specific properties of the final product.

Cabro Group will be attend at Hall 12 Stand F15.

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