During the Graphene Week 2014, Nanesa joins Graphene Flagship Project, one of the biggest-ever research initiatives promoted by European Commission with an investment of one billion euro for 10 years within the program Future and Emerging Technologies (FET).

66 new partners, including universities, research institutes and in particular SMEs, have been added to the consortium on the basis of a €9m Competitive Call in order to let out the “wonder material” from the research laboratories and popularize the daily use in European society within 10 years.

Nanesa has been selected as a partner of iGCAuto, a project for the development of more efficient vehicles in terms of energy consumption, safety and lightness thanks to the use of Graphene, which could revolutionize the global automotive industry.

The project, which sees Nanesa as developer and supplier of nanomaterials, involves major European industrial partners (Centro Ricerche FIAT – Italia, Fraunhofer ICT – Germania, Interquimica – Spagna e Delta Tech – Italia) and aims to a collaboration between all the skills necessary to develop new graphene-based composite polymer to improve safety and performance of long-term vehicle under hard conditions (impact resistance, effort, etc.)

Nanesa will be particularly involved in the development of an industrial process scale-up for the production of Graphene nanomaterials.