Cabro SpA tests the application of the new anti-counterfeiting fluorescent products with the brand “SAFE 79” on the next collection of Beach Tennis rackets and textile samples treated with this new technology.

Thermochromic ultraviolet ink with unique and inimitable characteristics that can be applied on any kind of surface (plastic, glass, yarn, leather, etc…).

The strong points of SAFE 79 products that distinguish them from the common fluorophores in the market are the following:

1) Products based on gold nanoparticles

2) Characteristic spectrum of emission

3) Colour code, a sequence of colours visible only through a UV lamp and completely invisible to the naked eye and imperceptible to the touch.

CABRO SPA guarantees a high degree of security, safety and personalization.

CABRO SPA can provide many kinds of inks all having different colours combinations that give each a unique code visible and identifiable through the portable instrument provided by Cabro, together with the App for smartphone that makes the analysis on the authenticity of the final product easy and fast.